Why You SHOULD Take a Chance on a New #Publisher #NewPublisher

The research I have done over the last number of years has shown me that publishing can be a scary world for authors. As I have observed, many smaller publishers come and go – many leaving both employees and authors stuck – no pay, often their book rights in limbo – sometimes even lawyers and court battles.

I understand the fear and frustration.

It’s a huge step.

It’s also one that I agree you should seriously take time to think about.

I have also seen publishers playing favorite author. Promotion one over another – or offering absolutely no promotion at all.

So, why should you give Desert’s Memory Publishing a manuscript (or several)?

  1. We are new. We have a clean slate.
  2. We are going to promote each and every author. Will we initially have thousands of reviewers and people sharing us? No. But I can tell you we do have a promotional team that is working to put together promotional things ranging from cover reveals to tours to helping you get fans on your facebook pages.
  3. We will treat each author equally. It doesn’t matter if it’s your very first book or your one-hundredth book – it doesn’t matter if your release with us has sold 0 copies or 2000 copies – we will still promote everyone and keep getting everyone out there.
  4. We have an awesome cover designer (we can’t wait to start revealing covers) – that also will create a banner to go with your cover.
  5. We do several rounds of editing followed by several rounds of proofreading on every book.
  6. We believe in quality over quantity.
  7. We want you to try one book with us and then choose us as your home for all the rest. We would love nothing more than to boost each author up from “small publishing company” to one day “top publishing company.”
  8. We are in this for the long haul. There will be trial and error. There will be mistakes. There will be struggles. There may be slow times as readers learn to trust us. But we will remain and keep pushing forward. We will not dissolve into one of those other companies.
  9. We are always willing to talk to you – we CARE about our authors and staff. We want your email about your latest manuscript as much as we want the email when you just need to vent and need someone to listen – book related or not. We are always an email, phone call, or text away.
  10. We will answer your questions. We do not claim to have all the answers and some we may even have to research – but we will always find a solution that works.

Questions? Payton at desertsmemorypublishing@gmail.com

Submissions? Amber at dmpacquistions@gmail.com

DMP Updates – #Submissions & #Editor Opening

I imagine it is time for a quick update. We have been working to set an official launch date, but do not have one set quite yet. However, it WILL be during 2016.

Due to recent events, we have an editor position available. If you would like to be considered for the position please email: desertsmemorypublishing@gmail.com with the following information:

  1. A little about you and why you would like to work for a new publisher
  2. Resume
  3. Samples of some of your edits

We are also accepting submissions. No, even as a new publisher we are not accepting everything we get. Amber has again agreed to spend the next few weeks reading, reading, reading to get authors their answer on their manuscripts. You WILL know within a week of submission.

You can submit to Amber at dmpacquisitions@gmail.com

#Book #Submission Special – No Query Needed #LimitedTime

Amber is taking submissions WITHOUT initial query this week – so, here are the details (please feel free to share)

–place in the body of your email

Your legal Name
Your pen name
A little about you and why you’d like to work with us
Publishers you have or currently are working with
Book title
Series title
If a series, presumed number of books

–attach to your email

Career arc (if you have one)
Promotional/Marketing outline (if you have one)
Completed manuscript

Email to: dmpacquisitions@gmail.com Subject: Title of your book

#Query Letters Being Accepted

You do not have to be previously published.
We will accept previously published manuscripts – but we do need proof that you hold the rights.

We are NOT looking for memoirs, nonfiction, or scripts.

Shorts stories through novels are accepted (5000-150,000 words).

We accept stand alone books.

We accept series books.

To query please include the following:

–place in the body of your email

  1. Your legal Name
  2. Your pen name
  3. A little about you and why you’d like to work with us
  4. Publishers you have or currently are working with
  5. Book title
  6. Series title
  7. If a series, presumed number of books
  8. blurb

–attach to your email

  1. Career arc (if you have one)
  2. Promotional/Marketing outline (if you have one)
  3. First three chapters of your book
  4. Last two chapters of your book

Email to: dmpacquisitions@gmail.com Subject: Title of your book


Have an unfinished manuscript? If completion will be done by sometime in March, feel free to contact us with as much of the above details as you can provide. Please be aware, only exceptional works will be considered in advance of completion.

DMP Information #NowHiring & #AboutUs

A little about us:

DMP is the brainstorm of Payton Blakley. A friend planned this out for several years and then decided to step back and offer all the planning and set up work to Payton. She accepted.

Quality over quantity is DMP’s main goal. It’s better to have 10 quality books that readers will appreciate over having 100 books that are being kicked into the dirt for poor editing. That being said, all books will go through three rounds of editing and two additional rounds of proofreading.

Soon, we will have details on our staff placed on this website.

**ALL PAID POSITIONS ARE FILLED – you are still welcome to submit your resume**

A) Editors – English MUST be your first language

B) Cover Artist/Banner Creator

C) Teaser Creator

For employment details, please contact desertsmemorypublishing@gmail.com

Non-Pay positions available:

A) Street Team Leaders and Members –

  1. Cozy Mystery author
  2. Desert’s Memory Publishing
  3. MC/Mafia – Military – Serial Killer author
  4. SEAL Holiday Romance author
  5. Historical Romance author
  6. Paranormal Romance author

For details, please email desertsmemorypublishing@gmail.com

B) Media and Promotion

  1. Bloggers to share promotional updates and announcements
  2. Bloggers to be on our list to share new releases, book reviews, interviews, guest posts, and more – Be first on our ARC lists

Interested? Email chaptersandexcerpts@gmail.com Subject: DMP BLOGGER

C) Social Media Blasts

  1. Twitter members to share and retweet DMP (and our authors) original tweets
  2. Facebook members to help spread our announcements and details in various groups
  3. Other social media members (tell us where you are) to blast our details

Interested? Email chaptersandexcerpts@gmail.com Subject: Social Media